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Die griechische Schuldenaudit-Kampagne verbreitet gerade eine Erklärung zu den anstehenden Einschnitten in die Lebensverhältnisse der übergroßen Mehrheit der Griechinnen und Griechen. Es heißt dort:

The International Treaty and Memorandum which accompany the ‘haircut’ of Greek public debt pushes the populace further into impoverishment. They will enshrine a dramatic drop in both living standards and working conditions, and implicitly enslave us to our creditors.  What follows from the reductions in pensions and wages, the abolition of collective bargaining legislation (contrary to Article 22 of our Constitution) and the 150 000 public sector redundancies are mass hunger and wages of 300 or 400 euros a month.  Unemployment already abounds, and will reach 30%. The new reduction in social spending, especially in health, will drop our life expectancy and increase mortality rates to reach those similar toAfrica’s. The new round of privatisations will hand over the wealth of the Greek populace, denying the state future streams of revenue. We see the new bonds that will be covered by English law and by the duke of Luxembrourg (Article 13 of the new agreement) not only as deeply insulting and degrading for a sovereign state, but also as a form of captivity, as it makes for much more arduous debt renegotiations.   It will also protect our creditors from the impact of Greece’s exit from the Eurozone. For all these reasons the Greek Debt Audit Campaign joins its voice with the people’s and demands that the new Treaty and Memorandum are not voted upon, as they open the road for the completion of the Private Sector Involvement. We demand the immediate and without condition cessation of payments towards our creditors, as well as the opening up of the debt books so we can use debt auditing to ground our demand of non repayment.


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