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Transformationswissenschaftliches aus dem Journal of Peer Production (JoPP). In der Schwerpunktausgabe Policies for the Commons geht es unter dem Titel Transforming the energy matrix: Transition policies for the development of the distributed energy model um verteilte Energiesysteme im Kontrast zu zentralistischen:

This policy paper explores the model of distributed energy as a viable alternative to centralised models. To illustrate the model, which is characterised by (a) the use of renewable energy sources, (b) the empowerment of consumers through the democratisation of the means of energy production and distribution, and (c) the communal management of the relevant infrastructure, we look at four case studies, which suggest that energy production could be more effectively organised as a Commons, rather than as a commodity. This, we conclude, should be the fundamental principle underlying all public policy proposals aimed at the transformation of the energy sector. Zum Volltext

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