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Mehring1 veröffentlichte bereits am 1.7.2012 einen Artikel des Athener Publizisten und politischen Aktivisten Yorgos Mitralias zum griechischen Neofaschismus. Er sandte uns heute seine Notiz zu den jüngsten Umfrageergebnissen und politischen Entwicklungen. Während SYRIZA an Stärke gewinnt, muss das auch für den Einfluss der extremen Rechten mit Golden Dawn ausgemacht werden.

A survey published yesterday (7/9/2012) confirms the continuous rise of the Golden Dawn neo-nazis. They are credited with 12% of vote intentions far ahead of the PASOK (7.5%) and other minor parties (the Democratic Left would obtain 4% and the Communist Party 6%). Syriza comes first with 30% ahead of New Democracy – credited with 28%. Nobody can pretend anymore that Golden Dawn is a “temporary phenomenon” and that there is no direct threat to workers movements and the left.

Indeed, a common misconception regarding the nature of Golden Dawn needs to be debunked. Golden Dawn has absolutely nothing in common with the French National Front of the Le Pen family, nor with Vlamms Belang in Belgium, nor even with any far right party of the post-1945 Europe. Golden Dawn is already publicly undertaking the physical liquidation of immigrants, gypsies, national minorities (notably the Turcs of Thrace), homosexuals and militants of the left. The constant aggressions are following one another and dead corpses are accumulating.

As for the ideology of Golden Dawn, here is a “testimony” which speaks for itself: the neonazi deputy (!) Artemios Matheopoulos, bassist of a band named “Pogrom” (!), has composed songs with “eloquent” lyrics. Here is a sample – a song called “Auschwitz”:

Fuck Wiesenthal
fuck Anna Frank

fuck Abraham’s race
David’s Star makes me puke
ah, Auschwitz how I love you!
You, shit Jews, I will not leave you
on the Wailing Wall, I will rather piss on you
Juden Raus! I am burning in Auschwitz…

So Comrades, will we remain spectators to the repetition of the 1920s and 1930s European tragedy? Will we -at last – mobilize in a unitary anti-fascist mass struggle on a continental scale? And do not forget: time is desperately pressing.”

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