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Im Rahmen eines Workshops des IfG zur Analyse der verschiedenen Green-New-Deal-Projekte und ihrer Beziehung zum Konzept eines Sozialökologischen Umbaus hatte Ariel Salleh einen Beitrag unter obigem Titel angeboten.
In der Einleitung ihres Beitrages heißt es: “In response to the global climate crisis and the breakdown of international financial institutions, green new deals are being touted in local, national, regional, and international settings. But the word ‘deal’ gives the lie to ‘new’; for these are mostly trade-off packages designed to hold together the narrow political arena of business-as-usual. This paper will draw on aspects of the Transatlantic Green New Deal, the Global Green New Deal, as well as British and Australian versions, to argue that they signify a revved-up Hobbesian agreement among men (and a handful of men-identified women) who have come to see that life under global capitalism is more nasty, brutish, and short than ever. The outline of a new ‘social contract’ is on the table, but only one voice is represented as the masculinist economic hegemony of the global North dictates its future scenarios. Class is reduced to an employment statistic and the systematic exploitations by race and sex-gender that undergird capitalism are ignored. The economic subsumption of a neocolonial South, domestic North, and material nature at large, is subliminal in the green new deal discourse.”
Der komplette Text ist hier abzurufen: A Critical Feminist Reading of the Green New Deal

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